Team Update 14/10/15

Posted by Kathryn

A week has gone by, here’s what has been happening…


Jacky Malotaux continues to raise funds to purchase much needed ponchos for refugees arriving on Leros.  Having recently visited Greece where she has family, Jacky has set up a targetted fund here. These are essential as the weather worsens.

Sarah Berry is returning to Calais & Dunkirk at the end of the week. Please contact to contribute to the fund for fresh food and other items that will be bought there.

Jeni Jen, a professional tent-maker, continues with her project to build large bell tents suitable for Calais. Canvas has been ordered but additional funding is required as well as hands to sew. Find out more here / read an interview here (in French).

Jeni’s tents


See the map here.

URGENT: Help us needed with a delivery from Bergerac to Bordeaux on Sunday 18 October. Please see FB group for full details or contact us.

WEDS 28 OCT: Sorting Day with Ros Petherick on  near Thiviers (24).

MONDAY 19 OCT: Sort at Hub53 near Mayenne – contact Ailsa Roberts for details.

2nd sorting day in 16 – date tbc. See how our first day went here.


Bordeaux Camp continue to live under the threat of eviction. All personal possessions have been move to safety but winter wear, blankets etc are now very much needed. See the Bordeaux Group.

Toulouse Camp: No additional aid required at the moment – local groups are supporting. Electricity and water were cut off during the week to one building with refugees however a targeted email writing campaign was successful in ensuring that the services were switched back on wtihin 48 hours. Follow the Toulouse group here.

Italy Border: Aid is now required at Red Cross / Caritas camp. See Cote d’Azur group for details.

Calais & Dunkerque: Sarah Berry is returning at the end of this week with aid, funds and time to volunteer. Please contact directly to contribute. There is conflicting information about what is required/being accepted so please contact us before travelling to ensure that your aid is required.

T Jazzy Davies has welcomed a Syrian father and his son from Calais in need of some respite from camp conditions. Money has been raised for their day to day costs but more is needed for incidental costs.  Send Paypal donations to

A few selected links for migrant news. It is clear that volunteers are needed along the migration route. Contact us if you would like information of volunteer groups and how to join them.

Serbia border


An individual story

Video about Calais (in French)


T Jazzy Davies for offering Calais respite.

Sue Newell for raising nearly 550€ and taking clothes to Paris for Iraq.

Sam Lion and her team for the trolley collect in Sablé-sur-Sarthe.

Thank you trolley team!

Thank you trolley team!

Hub16 sorting team.

Some of the Hub16 sorters

A few of the Hub16 sorters

If you are not a member of the FB group, you can contact us to get in touch with the relevant person.