Donating bikes can help ease the refugee crisis

Posted by Lynette

Today was an exciting day. We were offered donations of five bicycles, which are currently winding their way to Bordeaux to help make life a little easier for the refugees there.

A simple bike. Two wheels. Free to operate and easy to maintain. Bikes can offer refugees a sense of freedom, plus they can mobilise camps: bikes make it easier and faster for aid workers to get around; add a trailer and you can move supplies too.

Dan Harris is spearheading a super project aiming to get more bikes to migrant camps via  the Calais Bicycle Aid project.

In this blog on the Freewheeling France cycling website, Dan explains how bikes can truly represent ‘wheels for change’.

We welcome donations of bikes at our Calais & Beyond collection points. People living in the UK can donate via Dan’s group.

Bikes don’t need to be new, but they do need to be in working order or easily/affordably reparable. So if you have a bike rusting away in the shed or the barn, then why not get it out, dust it off, and send it on to someone who can put it to good use today?