Team update 28/10/15

Posted by Kathryn

Welcome to our latest team update…


Jacky Malotaux continues to raise funds to purchase much-needed ponchos for refugees arriving on Leros. Having recently visited Greece where she has family, Jacky has set up a targeted fund here WHICH ENDS TODAY.
“500 adult ponchos, 40 kids ponchos and 60 kids rain jackets already sent out to Leros thanks to all your great generosity.”

Debbie Andrews’ great Sock Appeal is under way and the first shipment has been sent.


Sarah Berry is returning to Calais and Dunkerque next week. Please contact her to contribute to the fund for fresh food and other items that will be bought there.

To contribute to the much-needed aid on Lesvos,  you can donate here or here.


See the map here.

We are working on new guidelines for collections to avoid the volume of inappropriate materials some of our hubs are receiving (for the moment, Facebook users can see some basic guidance here). Please remember that the key priorities are:

  1. Food –  IN DATE ONLY
  2. WARM, CLEAN clothing in GOOD condition. Please wash the clothes prior to bringing them, we are unable to wash them at the hubs.
  3. QUALITY shoes suitable for winter weather. Please clean boots before bringing them.
  4. Blankets, sleeping bags, tents etc. – good condition and clean.

For all donations, it will greatly help if they are pre-sorted with details of what is inside clearly marked on the box/bag – e.g. Medium men’s sweaters / 6-9yr old girls’ coats. Please pair up shoes and mark the size.

If you are not sure, just ask your hub coordinator for advice.

THURS 29 OCT: Sorting day in Escanecrabe 31350 from 10am to 4pm, in preparation for Gary’s trip up on the 9th November (see below).

TUES 17 NOV & THURS 17 DEC: Distribution convoy from Hub53 to Calais – transport and drivers wanted. Some drivers will stay to volunteer, so do join the convoy if you would like to stay and help too, but our first priority is finding vans and cars to help move more of our donations to the camp.

SUN 29 NOV: Vide Dressing/Vente de Bric-à-Brac 10.00 – 16.00 Salle polyvalente, Availles-Limouzine 86015 – Volunteers required. Contact Phillip Mold for details.

TRUCK TO IRAQ: There are several deliveries to Paris scheduled from Poitou-Charentes, Midi-Pyrénées and Côte d’Azur for the shipment directly to a camp in Iraq . The container is now FULL so no more deliveries can be accepted unless they have already been booked in.


The residents of the Bordeaux Camp have found temporary accommodation for the winter (abandoned buildings and a warehouse). See the Bordeaux group to find out what they require.

Toulouse Camp: The needs are being met locally. Follow the Toulouse group here.

Beziers Camp: Some families are moving into social housing after applying for asylum. The remaining families need regular food drops which are being managed by the Languedoc group. If you live locally, please contribute.

Italy Border: Aid is now required at Red Cross / Caritas camp. See Cote d’Azur group for details.

Calais & Dunkerque: The camps are swelling in size with latest estimates of 6,000 in Calais alone. The camp was condemned when 3,000 individuals were there so conditions are now dire. In addition, more families and children are arriving. Processes at Calais have been streamlined and the warehouse has moved to its new location. Volunteers and aid continues to be required with new arrivals daily. See Calaidipaedia or the UK Facebook page for more details.

Further afield, disturbing reports have been shared of condition on Lesvos as well as at overland EU borders.


The Hub 16 sorting team for a great day last week.

Hub16 Sorters

Hub16 Sorters

Nikki McArthur for publicising the cause on local radio (fast forward to 1hr10).

Our newly formed Translation Team (contact us if you would like to help).