Packing advice for our lovely donors

Posted by Lynette

Hello everyone!

We have been overwhelmed by donations in recent weeks – thank you to everyone. Just a quick note with some general guidance to help make it faster/easier for people managing hubs to pass things on to the people who need them.

Before you drop off at one of our collection points, it would REALLY help us if you:

  • group/bag/box like-for-like together (men’s shirts, men’s trousers, men’s jackets etc)
  • try and label all bags/boxes clearly (along with sizes if possible)
  • if you have lots of one thing (e.g. jackets, shoes etc), please group them in smaller bags so they can be more easily distributed, rather than in one large sack
  • please try and clean/hose down/wash any shoes or boots
  • please make sure items are appropriate (either check with your hub coordinator or see our list here)
  • make sure all bags/boxes are properly sealed (most of us use barns/garages for storage so making sure everything is sealed properly adds another layer of protection against dust (and mice – eek!)
  • we’re also encouraging people NOT to send clothes with holes in them or with broken zips or stains that won’t wash out, or clothes that would be embarrassing to wear. We are trying to be as respectful as possible to the people we are collecting for. Our general rule is that if we wouldn’t appreciate someone giving an item to us for our kids or ourselves, then we won’t donate it
  • please make sure clothes are clean and washed (no cat hairs or food remnants).

It really helps us keep on top of things if we receive appropriate donations that are labelled and packed properly, and it means we can get them moved on as fast as possible once an opportunity arises (e.g. if we hear of a car going to a camp or a van heading to another hub).

Of course we understand that labelling and packing isn’t always possible, but following any or all of the tips above will help us immensely.

Many thanks again to everyone for your time and energy.


Photo © science photo/Shutterstock