Urgent call aid donations for special container shipment to Syria

Posted by Nikki

We are calling for donations of warm winter clothing, blankets and tinned food for a container shipment to Syria. Here’s how you can help.


Some exciting news from HUB31 Escanecrabe in Haute-Garonne. We’ve managed to secure funding for a 40-foot container of aid donations to go to Syria. This will enable us to send all your wonderful donations where they are needed most.

The people of Syria are freezing and starving to death. We must act now.


Donations must be clean and in good condition (no rips, stains or broken zips).
As we do not have a lot of time before the container leaves, it would help us greatly if donations were sorted into sealed plastic bags or boxes and labelled in this way:
‘Men’, ‘Women’, ‘Girls’, ‘Boys’, ‘Babies’, then by item if possible (e.g. ‘Trousers’, ‘Jumpers’, ‘Jackets’ etc).


We are calling for the following donations to be delivered to us by 11th January.

Winter clothing for men/women/children
Shoes / trainers / jackets jumpers etc
Hats / gloves / socks
Baby bottles (new)
Baby food
Baby toys (small in good, clean condition)
Push chairs (collapsable)
Medical items
Protein bars
Healthy snacks
Tinned food: Chick peas, baked beans, veg soup,
(All food must be within 6 months of use by date)
Wind up torches
Camping items
School items (pens, pencils, paper, bags)

Where to deliver your donations

To be delivered to Moulin d’en Bas, 31350 Escanecrabe

Please email me on nikkidmcarthur@gmail.com to confirm when you can deliver. If you have problems delivering here, please contact me and we’ll see what we can do. We have people travelling from near and far to contribute and someone may be passing you.

If you would like to make a financial contribution towards food and essentials to be added to the container, donations can be made via Hub 31 Potcommun account.

This container is very kindly being funded by Donate: Www.SaveOurSyria.com
Website: www.OneNationUK.org

Please consider donating to them if you would like to help fund further containers of aid.