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As the bombs continue to fall, hospitals, schools and innocent children continue to be killed and injured, and the people trapped in Syria need our help as much as ever.


The FAB HUB31/RASI RINE Ambulance loaded onto the container and packed with vital medicines and equipment

France and Beyond and the newly formed Blagnac-based charity RASI-RINE have now coordinated three full containers of essential aid which have been delivered by the UK-based charity One Nation directly to those in most need inside Syria.

With your help, we have also been able to raise the funds to send an ambulance in the last container, together with essential medical equipment and supplies which are now in Idlib, Syria, where two hospitals were bombed only a few days ago.

It’s clear that help is still desperately needed and you can help us make a difference.

We are pleased to announce that a fourth container organised by France and Beyond HUB31 and Association RASI-RINE (in conjunction with People to People Solidarity Southern Europe and Middle East, and funded by the charity One Nation UK) is now confirmed and we will be accepting donations at the HUB31 Storage in Escanecrabe from June 6.

We are asking for donations of the following items ONLY (there is a more detailed list at the bottom of the page):

Medical equipment (wheelchairs, crutches, life-saving equipment, etc)

Medicines (pain killers, anaesthetics, antibiotics, etc)

First Aid (bandages, dressings, antiseptics, etc)

Hygiene (toiletries, sanitary towels, disposable razors, etc)

Baby items (nappies, nappy rash cream, baby wipes, baby milk – liquid only, etc)

Food (tinned veg/fruit/fish, rice, pasta, honey, fruit juices, nuts, etc)

Education (backpacks, paper, pencils, scissors, crayons, balls, colouring books, soft toys, etc)

Misc ( bedding, blankets, sleeping bags, pushchairs, baby carriers, rucksacks)

Footwear (trainers, sandles/flipflops)

Underwear (all sexes and ages, new please)

No other clothes are currently required as we already have lots boxed and ready to go (we had so many donations last time that they did not all fit into the container).

Packing instructions

Please sort your donations into the categories above and place into clearly labelled boxes or bags.  All our volunteers have a huge volume of donations to pack and sort and this will help us enormously – thank you.


Area Contact Name Contact Details Last Deliveries
31350 Escanecrabe Nikki McArthur nikkidmcarthur@gmail.com 20th June
Blagnac/Toulouse Stephanie Poncet-Meunier rasi.rine.association@gmail.com 18th June
32320 Gers Louisa Halliwell Louisa@enjouanisson.fr 18th June
64 Pau Lindy Gander Lindy.gander@sfr.fr 20th June
34 Pezenas/Roujan Joel Bamber 0682774428 17th June
Bordeaux/Bergerac France and Beyond FB group Bordeaux/Bergerac nikkidmcarthur@gmail.com TBA
12 Capdenac Clare Bickeron
Rose Dodd (French enquiries)


Aude Jan Letchford janet.letchford@sfr.fr 15th June
Other Areas Please contact Nikki McArthur on nikkidmcarthur@gmail.com for advice

Smaller items and internet orders

These can be posted directly to:

Mme N McArthur
Moulin d’en Bas
31350 Escanecrabe

Cash donations

These will be used to buy food and essentials and are welcome via the following link:


Thank you so much for your continued support.  Together we can help make a difference.


Medical Equipment: Medicines:
Wheelchairs Pain killers
Walking aids Anti-inflammatory
Crutches Anti-coagulant
Leg/arm braces Antihistamine
Stretchers Antiseptic
Hospital beds and mattresses Antibiotics
Lifesaving equipment Anaesthetics
First Aid Anti-convulsants
Bandages Anti-spasmodic
Dressings Anti-bacterial
Surgical gloves Tranquilisers
Syringes Vitamin B complex
Surgical masks Multivitamins
Surgical shoe cover Calcium
Surgical head cover Antiacid meds
All medical equipment and supplies are delivered directly to hospitals in Syria and medicines are administered by doctors.
Toiletry cases Soap holders
Shampoo Toothbrushes
Conditioner Toothbrush holders
Shower gel Toothpaste
Body lotions Washcloths
Hand sanitiser gel Sanitary towels
Facial tissues Incontinence pads
Deodorants Nursing pads
Disposable razors Nappy rash cream
Shaving gel Hair bobbles
Hairbrush and combs Antibacterial
Baby Items
Nappies Formula milk (not dried)
Nappy cream Baby carriers
Baby wipes Push chairs
Bedding (duvets/sleeping bags) Rucksacks
Blankets Footwear (trainers, sandles/flipflops)
Underwear (new all sizes)
Food   NO MEAT products (UNLESS HALAL)
Nuts – various kinds
Unsalted Mixed Nuts And Raisins
Dried fruits
Vegetable oil
Tinned fava beans
Tinned white beans
Tinned green beans
Tinned rice pudding
Tinned carrots
Tinned tomatoes
Tinned kidney beans
Tinned chickpeas
Tinned lentils
Tinned potatoes
Tinned peas
Tinned corn
Tinned pasta
Tinned mushrooms
Tinned mixed Beans
Tinned tuna
Tinned salmon
Tinned sardines
Tinned herring
Tinned mackerel
Tomato paste
Garlic paste
Pickled goods
Mixed grains – barley
Bulgur wheat
Red lentil
Green lentil
Tea – regular, fruit
Herbal medicinal teas – chamomile, peppermint, valerian
digestives biscuits
Jars of clear honey
Cereal bars
Cartons fruit juice
Fruit squash/syrup
Peanut butter
Chocolate spread
Whole longlife milk
Weetabix/ porridge/cereals
Baby food pouches (non-meat)
Flavoured waters
Instant porridge
condensed milk
Tinned peaches
Tinned pears
Tinned pineapple
Tinned fruit cocktail
Tinned mandarins
Rice – pref large bags and easy cook ghee
Quality backpacks Eraser
Binders Rulers
Notebooks Crayons
Folder Glue stick
Filler paper Scissors
Pencil pouch Markers
Pens Balls
Pencils Colouring books
Pencil sharpeners Soft toys/dolls