Refugee Kids Care and Fostering

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Guest blog by Lindsay Jardine from 06-Refugee Kids Care and Fostering 


A small group of people based in Dept 06 (Alpes-Maritime) are hoping to be directly involved in children’s lives who are here as unaccompanied refugee minors. We are looking to promote this group, and through sharing details of the Parrainage process help establish a network of support groups through France. Continue reading


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child-packs-ver-1RASI-RINE/ FRANCE AND BEYOND HUB 31 is now accepting donations for a fifth container of aid. The container will be sent to Lebanon (here is why). Donations will be accepted at the HUB31 Storage in Escanecrabe until November 1. Please read on to find out how you can help.

Europe is being gripped by the largest refugee crises since the Second World War. One-third of those refugees are fleeing Syria as a result of the almost five-year-old civil war there. Most refugees have been absorbed into neighbouring Arab countries and many have fled to Europe.

There are currently well over 1 million registered Syrian refugees living in Lebanon and many more who have yet to be documented. Most have been there since the beginning of the civil war.  The reality is that Lebanon (about the same size as Cornwall) cannot cope with 1.5 million Syrian and 500,000 Palestinian refugees.

RASI-RINE/ FRANCE AND BEYOND HUB 31 are pleased to announce that a fifth container is now confirmed and we are currently accepting donations at the HUB31 Storage in Escanecrabe until November 1, 2016. The container will be sent to Lebanon.

The container is organised by RASI-RINE (in association with People to People Solidarity Southern Europe and Middle East) and this time is funded by the UK-registered charity, Muslims in Need.


Hygiene and food are the most urgently needed items.  You can make a financial donation towards these items in the following ways:

Donate via

Donate via Paypal:

Or order from our Amazon Wish List for direct delivery to Hub31.

Urgent Needs

The refugees in Lebanon are in dire need of food, medicine, and supplies for personal hygiene and for babies. With that in mind, we are asking for donations of the following items ONLY:

Family hygiene
Shampoo (preferable 2 in 1), soap, wash cloths, sanitary towels (not tampons), toothbrushes, toothpaste, toiletry cases, shower gel, body lotion, hand sanitiser gel, facial tissues, deodorant, disposable razors, shaving gel, hairbrushes, combs, soap holders, incontinence pads, hair bobbles, new underwear, intimate wipes

Mother and baby Items
Nappies, nappy rash cream, baby wipes, nursing pads, baby shampoo and soap

Nuts: various kinds, dried fruits, coconut oil, bulgur wheat, red lentil, green lentil, ghee
Tea: regular, fruit herbal medicinal teas – chamomile, peppermint, valerian, sleep teas
Tinned veg  (with RING PULL CANS): white beans, green beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, Lentils, Potatoes, peas, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, mixed beans, sweetcorn)
Tinned  fish (including tuna, salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel)
Tinned fruit (including peaches , pears, pineapple, fruit cocktail, mandarin)
tomato paste, mixed grains, cinnamon, chilli, garlic paste, pickled goods.
Cereals: biscuits, unsalted mixed nuts and raisins, cereal bars, Weetabix/porridge/other cereals
Pastas/rice: preferably large bags and easy cook
Other foodstuffs Jars of clear honey,  cartons fruit juice/fruit squash, peanut butter, chocolate spread
Milk: whole longlife milk, condensed milk
Baby milk (bottles and cartons of – NOT powder thanks )
Baby food pouches (non-meat)


We already have enough clothes from previous collections.
The only clothes Items we are short of now are:

Children’s and adult shoes and boots – all sizes – high quality (box by size, tie with strong elastic band)
New underwear for all
Sleeping bags, blankets, duvets
Rugs, camping mats, matting (for insulating floors)
Cooking equipment and utensils, plastic plates – best sorted into kits for easy distribution on ground
Insulating and waterproof materials for tents
Education (backpacks, paper, pencils, scissors, crayons, balls, colouring books, soft toys etc)

Packing instructions

Please sort your donations into the categories above and place into clearly labelled boxes or bags. All our volunteers have a huge volume of donations to pack and sort and this will help us enormously – thank you.


Please contact our volunteers first to arrange a suitable time for drop off:

Moulin d’en Bas
31350 Escanecrabe
Contact: Nikki McArthur
Last delivery: November 3
Preferred drop off day Thursdays – please message in advance.

Stephanie Poncet-Meunier
Last delivery: tba

32320 Gers
Louisa Halliwell
Last delivery: tba

65350 Osmets
(Nr Trie sur Baise)
Lynch Mason
Email : address
Last delivery October 22

North Dordogne Hub 24800
(nearest town Thiviers)
St Paul La Roche 24800
Tel : 0553629379
If you live in the area then you should join our Hub for news and info at:
Last delivery: tba

64 Pau
Lindy Gander
Last delivery: tba

34 Pezenas/Roujan
Joel Bamber
Last delivery: October 22

34 Gabian
Bassie Scott
Last delivery: tba

Please contact the France and Beyond Bordeaux/Bergerac group via this link

12 Capdenac
Clare Bickerton and Rose Dodd (French enquiries)
Last delivery: tba

11120 Sainte Valiere
Jan Letchford
Last delivery: tba

Smaller items and internet orders can be posted directly to:

Mme N McArthur
Kingdom Vegetal
Moulin d’en Bas
31350 Escanecrabe

Many thanks for your continued support.

Nikki McArthur
International Relations Representative

Please click here to meet the team involved in organising this container.

Meet the Container Aid Team

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ABOUT FAB HUB 31 and RASI-RINE (Reseau d’Actions Solidaires Internationales & Reseau d’Insertion Nationale des Exiles)

container-teamFollowing the huge success of the social media network group France & Beyond in connecting people to  facilitate (among other things) the collection and distribution of aid for refugees, the FAB HUB 31 was formed by Nikki McArthur. Nikki is based in the countryside of the Haute-Garonne and since September 2015 has been a main collection centre for donations of aid for onward distribution to refugees.

Nikki met Stephanie Poncet-Muenier while volunteering in Dunkirk  in January 2016. Stephanie was in the process of forming a new charity RASI-RINE (Networks for Actions of International Solidarity and for National Integration of Exiles) and invited Nikki to join her as the International Relations Representative for the French-registered charity, which is based in Blagnac, near Toulouse.

Hub31 is now the main collection point for RASI-RINE and France & Beyond supporters. RASI-RINE works in concert with other charities and funding bodies in France, the UK, Syria and elsewhere to deliver aid to refugees.

Donations for container aid come from grassroots supporters, hospitals and other private and public organisations.

Four containers have successfully reached those in need in Syria and two more are planned for this year and early next.

Donations come in the form of used items (clothes, tents etc), medical and hygiene supplies (unused medicines, nappies etc) and food, as well as more substantial medical equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs and ambulances.

For details on how you can contribute to the next container of aid, please click here or visit our Facebook pages RASI-RINE and FAB HUB 31


RASI-RINE work closely with People To People Solidarity (P2PS) who are our main link to other similar groups in the UK and charities able to help fund and facilitate our container projects.

P2PS is an umbrella grassroots Facebook and offline movement of ordinary, everyday people each doing what they can to help refugees across Europe and the Middle East.

During the 2015 European refugee crisis there was a well documented grassroots response which sought to fill in the gaps where aid agencies simply couldn’t. As these groups evolved they developed the capacity to ship container aid. Now there are circa 15 UK-wide groups (in addition to RASI-RINE in France) sending a steady flow of containers to Greece, Syria and Lebanon – the three countries where we can send humanitarian aid tax exempt. Lebanon is our most recent development.

Whether from the Scottish Highlands, Cornwall, London or Toulouse, all groups are united by the principle of easing suffering for refugees, particularly with no end in sight to the Syrian civil war.

These groups are increasingly sophisticated in reach, even having sent lifesaving medical equipment such as baby incubators and dialysis machines to Syria, where the medical infrastructure is decimated.

People To People Solidarity has around 6500 members in the main Europe and Middle East response group. The groups have a strong ability to fundraise but need to grow business relationships in order to become even more efficient in shipping aid. Aid is usually shipped through charity partners, in the case of this Lebanon project the partner charity is
Muslims In Need.

We are not a political movement, although we look for political solutions.
We are not a religious organisation, although we welcome all religions.
We recognise that we are all different, but that we all have something to give, and something to learn.
We are, above all, believers in the power of together.

Visit the People to People FB page to find out more


Muslims In Need is a UK-registered charity whose aim is to deliver humanitarian and medical aid to Muslims suffering in various parts of the world.

Muslims in Need works towards projects such as helping orphans and widows, families, refugees, schools, hospitals and dawah organisations. One of the current projects is container aid whereby essential items and donations are collected in various locations in the UK and France.

Ambulances are also purchased and sent in containers by sea to Syria. Donations are trackable from the moment they are given to the moment they are handed over on Facebook and Twitter where progress is updated regularly.

Muslims in Need are funding the latest container delivery to Lebanon in concert with RASI-RINE and France and Beyond.


SALAM LADC is the charity who will be receiving the donations we send to Lebanon.  The goal of this NGO is to bring together a host of large and small organisations (both local and international), volunteers and grassroots initiatives to successfully channel aid and more to where it is needed across Lebanon. Salam works to improve the lives of refugees in Lebanon in many ways: by supporting the education of refugees’ children; by distributing aid including medical aid and even livestock to afford refugees greater food security; by creating the conditions for better integration of refugees into Lebanese society (social events, helping municipal services, first aid training).

The expert on-the-ground knowledge of Salam and their extensive network of partners are essential in assuring NGOs such as Muslims in Need and RASI-RINE, as well as their supporters, of the effective and safe delivery of aid to where it is most needed in Lebanon and into the hands of those most in need.

One year ends, another begins

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Lisez l’article en français
By Natasha Freidus

It has been almost three months to the day since a group of us got together for the first time to think about what we could do about the refugee crisis. It’s pretty remarkable to remember sitting around the table with a group of strangers on Jess’s roof terrace— shyly learning one another’s names and brainstorming ways that we could support efforts in Calais and further afield. Continue reading